Growing Experiences

Growth happens every day at the farm!

Every so often, we will utilize this platform to remind our readers of different ways that Wildwood Farm can help them or a loved one. Today, we’re going to discuss how we incorporate experiential therapy, which we view as essential to successful long-term recovery.

Throughout history, people have looked towards nature as a way of finding meaning in their everyday lives. Art and literature have combed through the natural world for insights and metaphors, each one with a different parallel to that of human life. Trees represent new life and the exploration of the conscience, and mountains often provide a sense of constancy and the pursuit of inner elevation. With existence comes struggle, and interaction with the world around us can often be a source of peace, purity, and positive energy. The Farm provides a perfect gateway to experiencing all of this and more.

One of the elements of recovery that many struggle with most is recognizing that the larger journey reflects an accumulation of multiple small steps and right decisions that ultimately lead to long term sobriety. Establishing these building blocks and insights helps them to remember what is necessary for a healthy, and productive lifestyle. This is especially true for members of the LGBTQ+ community whom we proudly serve.

Wildwood Farm utilizes experiential therapy, which allows for the application of therapeutic intervention within a project. On the farm, residents are invited to participate in everyday activities such as art, music, herbology, and animal care. Every experiential activity at Wildwood Farm requires the design and involvement of our clinical team. Often, these activities involve routine chores that care for the farm and provide for the other residents. By incorporating these projects into daily life, they enforce the belief that one must carefully tend to themselves in the same way that they tend to the farm.

What does this look like in everyday life at the Farm? Vegetable planting season is upon us, and with that comes the gentle reminder that maintaining sobriety requires daily tending. Also, this task requires the weeding out of negativity that can so easily choke growth and the planting of brand-new seeds that represent an opportunity.

Chores on the farm are not always easy or enjoyable but encourage inner reflection by finding compliments between growth in the earth and growth of the soul. The work, both physical and spiritual, can be slow and may seem never-ending, but the first sighting of a small seedling and the hope that it brings makes every hour worth it.

At Wildwood Farm, our team works to sow the seeds of a new beginning for everyone that experiences this window into a meaningful life. We believe that each person, like each plant, is destined to blossom and fulfill their true purpose. So, as the tingle of summer rain hangs in the air, and the dirt of the day is scraped away from muddy boots, are you ready to cultivate a life full of promise and prosperity?

See what Wildwood Farm can offer you or a loved one.