Who should come?

The individual that comes to Wildwood Farm is in need of healing from the shame that can be rooted in the addiction, as well as other concerns related to the person’s sexuality and gender. Moreover, the Wildwood program offers a resident a safe place to share their own story openly without judgment.

If you have seen an inclusive community, Wildwood offers an inclusive community. Here in this special place the LGTBQI+ person, and friends of the LGTBQI+ community are warmly welcomed to celebrate their sexuality, sexual orientation, and gender identity as a wonderful life-giving gift as opposed to something that marginalizes, stereotypes and leads to isolation and further reasons to return to unhealthy patterns of addictions.

Wildwood also offers you a adventure-based program, a farm-and-table sober house offers an individual the opportunity to join with others in a daily schedule that includes time outdoors at recreation on the Shoreline, cooking classes, and community meals. Moreover, we see an end to addiction’s isolation through horseback riding, sailing, fishing, water sports, time at the theater, and regularly scheduled outings to ski and swim! Wildwood Farm is here to help you find yourself and live through your gifts!

It is well documented that the rate of addiction among the LGTBQI+ population is higher than other communities, however, there remains a shortage of dedicated programs for the LGTBQI+ community. Most programs for the LGTBQI+ client are merely “add ons” to already existing programs. Wildwood Farm is different.

“Recovery is about making positive changes for yourself one at a time. And that takes time, time, time.”

– Dr. Mike Hinkley


As a Queer Normative extended care program, Wildwood Farm is unique. Our clients are free to be their authentic selves and face their deeper issues. One former Farm resident recently told Dr. Hinkley: “When I came to the Farm it was for the first time in my life, that I felt ok with being me.” The Farm is a structured extended farm-and-table sober living program, which means our residents move from a structured schedule to a freer sober job or school schedule.

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While psychotherapy is covered by most insurance plans, extended sober living is private pay. At times individual insurance plans will pay for some part of the sober living, but most do not.

We have partners that you may contact for funding at 0% interest or low set interest plans. You deal directly with these partners and use their funding to pay your monthly rent, which includes 24-hour supervised housing, food, organized activities and transportation to clinical appointments.


0% for at least 12 Months – No Cost to Apply – Up To $50,000