Dr. Hinkley is the founder and executive director of Recovery at Wildwood Farm, LLC. Coupled with his private psychotherapy practice, WILDWOOD BEHAVIORAL HEALTH. Wildwood Farm is Dr. Hinkley’s vision for an evidence-based clinical program with a farm-and-table adventure-based sober living program uniquely suited for the LGTBQI+ person living with an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

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Dr. Hinkley is a psychotherapist specializing in the treatment of addiction and co-occurring disorders. His professional training is a unique combination of psychotherapy, spiritual guidance, and personal development. He lectures widely on the topic of the LGTBQI+ community and addiction treatment. He served as a parish priest for 20 years while being a healthcare ethicist. Dr. Hinkley’s educational background includes studies at the College of the Holy Cross, Middlebury College, Catholic University, Georgetown University, Yale University, the Gregorian University, Alphonsiana University, and Fordham University. Early in his career, he worked with Mother Teresa of Calcutta in both Rome, Italy, and Washington, D.C. serving the needs of men with HIV/AIDS, many of whom were IV drug users and unable to access the healthcare system due to the fear and prejudice of that health epidemic.

Today, Dr. Hinkley dedicates his efforts to treating clients with chronic addiction and co-occurring disorders, and now this passion is specifically directed toward the theLGTBQI+ person suffering from addiction. He envisions the Wildwood Farm program as serving the needs of the LGTBQI+ community and others who understand themselves as friends of that community. His favorite quote is from Irenaeus: “The Glory of God is the human person fully alive!” No matter who or what one’s Higher Power is, Dr. Hinkley’s mission is to assist each client in becoming “fully alive.”

Dr. Hinkley resides on the CT shoreline with his husband, Taeyeong Park, a professional chef who shares his knowledge and talents at the farmhouse to support the philosophy and experience of the Farm and Table experience.


Matthew Gallup
Director of Operations

Thomas Geiger
National Outreach


Olusola Justin Ayankola, M.D
Psychiatric Counsel

Kevin Murray
Lead Clinician

Program Manager

Lynn Nigro
Wellness Coordinator

Pat Van Deventer
Sober Coach

Wayne Couturas
Sober Coach

Tammy Mathieu
Utilization Specialist

Recovery Advocate

Angelo Musemeci
Recovery Advocate

Steven Ring
Recovery Advocate

Joshua Hayes
Recovery Advocate

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