The Wildwood Farm program is a unique and special extended care sober living program for the LGTBQI+ individual seeking assistance in getting and maintaining a personalized recovery program. This is a complete experience based recovery program designed for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning individuals suffering from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs that needs a comfortable and safe place for extended healing and personal growth.

Sometimes recovery for the LGTBQI+ individual is complicated by an inability to accept one’s sexuality or history of problem behaviors that are consequences of addiction. Wildwood Farm is an affirming, safe place where those obstacles are removed in a caring environment that supports individuals opening them up to letting go of the past and its isolation. This process leads to better self-esteem and sobriety.


Wildwood Farm is an adventure-based recovery treatment program that includes numerous activities each week that are designed to expand a client’s engagement and emotional development. Adventure-based recovery programs that average a 3-6 month stay enjoy very favorable results for individuals living with depression and anxiety. New experiences can be powerful assets in furthering a person’s motivation for change.

Dr. Hinkley’s professional experience at other extended treatment programs gave him a keen sensitivity to the negative experiences many clients have during extensive hours spent in “downtime.” The negative and empty hours can adversely affect one’s motivation to change, which is essential to long term and stable sobriety. In addition to the Farm and Table Program, Wildwood Farm seeks to inspire residents to enjoy new people, places, and things through an array of programs – from yoga, meditation, art, gardening, animal care, hiking, walking on the beach, outdoor recovery meetings, museums, day trips, and other exclusive outings.

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