The need for further development in addiction services for the LGBTQ+ community is well documented. However, most addiction recovery programs have responded to this need by establishing “a dedicated LGBTQ+ group” or training staff to better understand the issues of the LGBTQ+ community. Wildwood is different, very, very different! Every aspect of the Wildwood Farm program is designed with the specific needs of LGBTQ+ clients – Here you are at home and among friends!

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Under the direction of Dr. Hinkley, Wildwood Farm works closely with a number of medical specialists.  Each resident’s health needs are communicated before taking residency and the Positive Choices Therapy staff will arrange specialists to work with you.  The Wildwood Farm program has established relationships with specialists that treat Trauma, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs, eating disorders and Medically Assisted Recoveries, including Suboxone.

Addressing health concerns at the same time as extended addiction treatment can greatly advance a person’s appreciation of their recovery as of mind-body-spirit.

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