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Costs & Funding Options

What are you paying for: 

Wildwood Farm is unique as a "Queer Normative" sober program, that means our clients are free to be their authentic selves and face their deeper issues.  One former Farm resident recently told Dr. Hinkley: "When I came to the Farm it was for the first time in my life, that I felt ok with being me." The Farm is a structured extended Farm-To-Table sober living program, that means our residents move from a structured schedule to a more free sober job or school schedule.  There's always plenty to do at the Farm: feeding the pigs, collecting the chickens' eggs, going out to the movies or a play, studying art or music, taking a piano lesson or taking part in our weekly cooking lesson.  Each 28 Day Rent Payment (a healthcare month) includes numerous group activities.  Our clients learn how to face not only their addiction's triggers, but the painful boredom that has clinically proved to be the Number One cause of relapse in the first two years of recovery.  In the early weeks with us, a resident will find their free time more structured to develop new hobbies and face the problem of boredom and being more responsible for their own time management.  Once a client is here for about 6 weeks they then are guided to further develop sober interests and life skills.  Some return to school or get a part-time sober job or volunteer at a local charity.  In sum, Wildwood Farm is more than just sober living, its support so our residents can have a new lasting sober life.   

28 Day Rent Payments:

Wildwood Farm requires rent payment at the start of every 28 days of residency.  As a small program it is very important that payments are made on time.  Co-pays for psychotherapy may be charged to a credit card, but rent checks must be cleared as the new rent cycle begins.  Some scholarships are available and 28 Day Rents can decrease with the length of time of stay, depending on the client's level of need of staff services.

Funding Partners

While psychotherapy is covered by most insurance plans, extended sober living is private pay.  At times individual insurance plans will pay for some part of the sober living, but most do not.  

We have three partners that you can reach out to for funding at 0% interest or low set interest plans.  You deal directly with these partners and use their funding to pay your monthly rent, that includes 24 hour supervised housing, food, organized activities and transportation to clinical appointments.

M-Lend Financial

0% for at least 12 Months - No Cost to Apply - Up To $50,000



Call Them: 888-474-6231

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