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Sober Living Program

Are you tired of the way you feel and need help making the changes you know need to be made?

It is well documented that the rate of addiction among the LGBTQ population is higher than other communities, however, there remains a shortage of dedicated programs for the LGBTQ community.  Most programs for the LGBTQ client are merely "add ons" to already existing programs.  Wildwood Farm is different.  


Wildwood Farm is a sober living program completely conceived and run with the specific needs of an LGBTQ individual.  The individual that comes to Wildwood Farm is in need of healing from shame that can be rooted in the addiction, as well as other concerns related to the person's sexuality.  Moreover, the Wildwood program offers a client a place to share their own story openly without judgement. 


We are an inclusive community.  Here in this special place the LGBTQ person, and friends of the LGBTQ community, are warmly welcomed to celebrate their sexuality, sexual orientation and gender identity as a wonderful life-giving gift as opposed to something that marginalizes, stereotypes and leads to isolation and further reasons to return to unhealthy patterns of addictions.  

As an adventure based program, a farm-to-table sober house offers an individual the opportunity to join with others in a daily schedule that includes time outdoors at recreation on the Shoreline, cooking classes, and community meals.  Moreover, we see an end to addiction's isolation through water sports, time at the theater, and regular scheduled outings to ski and swim!  Wildwood is here to help you find yourself and live through your gifts!

“Recovery is about making positive changes for yourself one at a time. And that takes time, time, time.”
                -- Dr. Mike Hinkley

The Wildwood Farm program is a unique and special sober living program for the LGBTQ individual seeking assistance in getting and maintaining a personalized recovery program.  This is a complete experience based recovery program designed for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, or Questioning individual suffering from addiction to alcohol and/or drugs that needs a comfortable and safe place for extended healing and personal growth.

Sometimes recovery for the LGBTQ individual is complicated by an inability to accept one's sexuality or history of problem behaviors that are consequences of the addiction.  Wildwood Farm is an affirming place where those obstacles are removed by a caring environment that supports the individual and makes letting go of the past and its isolation.  This process leads to a better self-esteem and sobriety.   

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