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Recovery at Wildwood Farm is uniquely located in Madison, which sits in the middle of the Connecticut Shoreline.  


The need for further development in addiction services for the LGBTQ community is well documented.  However, most addiction recovery programs have responded to this need by establishing “a dedicated LGBT group” or training staff to better understand the issues of the LGBT community.  Wildwood is different, very, very different!  Every aspect of the Wildwood Farm program is designed with the specific needs of LGBTQ clients -- Here you are at home and among friends!


At Wildwood Farm the program is established and operated for and by LGBTQ professionals.  It is essential that addiction treatment allow a person to “get their story out” and heal the consequences of the addiction in a safe and supportive environment.  We are dedicated to offering every resident the space and time to work through the shame, low self-esteem and co-occurring disorders that can set a person back in their recovery.  Shame is an important factor in treating addiction in the life of an LGBTQ person, as it erodes confidence and one’s motivation for change.  Allow the quiet and peaceful lifestyle of the farm to be a restful and healing home, and the numerous adventure activities challenge the isolation that often accompanies long term addiction.


In order to heal the pain and traumas associated with years of addiction, a person must be comfortable sharing their story without any worry as to how others will accept it.  Research shows that group work is one of the most effective clinical interventions for addiction treatment, and an LGBTQ centered sober house, psychotherapy group, and adventure based program will go far in helping a person be more honest with their history and open to needed changes.   Wildwood Farm seeks to support each resident in developing “rigorous honesty” and “authentic humility” as cornerstones of a new lifestyle grounded in long-term sobriety.




Under the direction of Dr. Hinkley, Wildwood Farm works closely with a number of medical specialists.  Each resident’s health needs are communicated before taking residency and the staff will arrange specialists to work with you.  The Wildwood Program has established relationships with specialists that treat Trauma, HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STDs, eating disorders and Medically Assisted Recoveries, including Suboxone. 


Addressing health concerns at the same time as extended addiction treatment can greatly advance a person’s appreciation of their recovery as of mind-body-spirit.

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