Every person suffering from an addiction is the expert in their unique experience of dependence on alcohol or drugs.  Wildwood Farm seeks to offer every resident a comprehensive program based on the latest treatment modalities through the interventions offered at Positive Choices Therapy, LLC and the farm's own adventure based program of recovery living with a farm-to-table program.

The best way to understand addiction is to view the individual as a person in an environment that too is addictive.  In the case of the LGBTQ individual, society has often been experienced as invalidating, stressing the norms of a culture that does not permit self expression of the LGBTQ individual.  This is what often happens to many LGBTQ persons seeking recovery, they enter a treatment program that affirms cultural norms that further isolation and poor self-esteem.  It is very different at Wildwood Farm. 

Wildwood Farm offers the LGBTQ person a new environment to accept the past and start a new sustainable recovery as a person fully alive, engaged with family, work, and loved ones.