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Recovery at

Wildwood Farm

Wildwood Farm
is a farm-to-table
recovery living program
that offers individualized treatment plans that include time spent in the garden, with the farm animals and numerous other programs like yoga, art, nature hikes and other
self-enrichment activities


Wildwood Farm is a unique recovery opportunity located along the Connecticut Shoreline for the LGBTQ person seeking time to heal from the challenges of addiction and co-occurring problems. Here the individual finds healing and discovers the hope that life will get better.  For the LGBTQ person this requires a healthy living situation that offers acceptance and the assurance of supportive care, in other words, a place that is "LGBTQ normative."  Where accepting LGBTQ lifestyles is the norm...  The Farm warmly welcomes members of the gay community and friends of the gay community.  

Mindful of the individual's need to further develop their own motivation for change, the farm offers a loving environment to grow and start living the promise of a new start in life, healing in the family, and proper attention to one's health in mind, body, and spirit.  

You can do this!

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